In-Person Training Scholarships Available for: 

Courses in Miami, FL    April 16-20, 2018

The three day course covers the fundamentals of housing counseling in addition to the counseling structure, templates, training on client management systems, and HUD housing counseling requirements. 

  • Housing Counseling Program Management- April 16-18, 2018   Apply Here

This three day course offers senior-level counselors and program manager’s skills on how to market to a variety of target audiences, increase capacity to improve community impact, create program sustainability, negotiate partnerships, and meet program and funder requirements.

  • Financial CStrategies for Seniors- April 16-17, 2018  Apply Here

This 2-day course provides the basic strategies and information needed to increase a counseling professionals’ ability to assist their senior clients. This course will leave a new/seasoned counselor with all the tools necessary to help their senior clients navigate the hurdles that are specific to them such as helping them develop a realistic expectation of retirement lifestyle to estate planning and much, much more. 

  • Financial Capability II - April 18-20, 2018     Apply Here

An added layer to the Financial Strategies for Older Adults course, this additional training will have participants in this course leaving with expanded skills to transition counseling into coaching methodologies. 

  • Transitioning from Foreclosure to Pre-Purchase - April 19-20, 2018    Apply Here

This two day course helps housing counselors prepare clients who are currently going through foreclosure or have previously gone through a foreclosure get back on their feet, prepare to rent, and eventually purchase a home again.

  • HUD Housing Counseling Certification Prep Course Training- April 19- 20, 2018

This training sponsored  is to help nonprofit housing counseling agencies prepare Housing Counselors for the upcoming national certification. The fast-paced two day course is a refresher on all six topics Housing Counselors must be proficient in. Apply Here


*All scholarships will cover lodging and meals. Travel stipends will be awarded on a limited basis per course. For information on eligibility and types of scholarships please see details here.