In-Person Training Scholarships Available

HUD Housing Counseling Certification Prep Course Training:

  • This training sponsored  is to help nonprofit housing counseling agencies prepare Housing Counselors for the upcoming national certification. The fast-paced two day course is a refresher on all six topics Housing Counselors must be proficient in. Apply today to reserve your spot!

Atlanta - April 24-25, 2017 No More Scholarships Available. 

Financial Capability I: Financial Counseling

  • This two day course reviews the counseling process in detail and covers the financial services that housing and social service counselors can implement to increase their impact. 

Atlanta - April 24-25, 2017  No More Scholarships Available. 

Foreclosure Prevention

  • This four day class addresses the consequences of foreclosure, the counseling process, important players in this sector, and the financial dynamics of dealing with foreclosure cases. Participants practically apply what they learn using case studies and other interactive activities.

Atlanta - April 24-27th, 2017 Tuition Only Scholarships Available. Apply Here

Pre-Purchase I: Fundamentals to Pre-Purchase Homebuyer Counseling

  • The three day course covers the fundamentals of housing counseling in addition to the counseling structure, templates, training on client management systems, and HUD housing counseling requirements. 

Atlanta - April 26-28th, 2017 No More Scholarships Available. 

Housing Counseling Program Management

  • This three day course is focused for senior-level counselors and program managers to help build a productive and effective program. Topics range from covering marketing to target audiences, program sustainability, community impact, to meeting program and funder requirements.

Atlanta - April 26-28th, 2017 No More Scholarships Available.