eLearning Available Scholarships 

Summer 2018

August 2018 Trainings

eLearning HCC: Fair Housing-August 6th-12, 2018- No Scholarships

eLearning HUD HC Certification Prep Course-August 6th -26th, 2018- No Scholarships

eLearning Foreclosure Prevention I-August 6th -26th, 2018- No Scholarships

eLearning Lending Practices- August 6th- 26th, 2018- Apply Here

September 2018 Trainings

eLearning Foreclosure Prevention II-September 3rd-23rd 2018-No Scholarships

eLearning Transitioning from Foreclosure to Pre-Purchase-September 3rd-23rd, 2018-No Scholarships

eLearning HCC: Fair Housing-September 3rd-9th, 2018-Apply Here


More Scholarship Opportunities coming in August!

We are also coming to Denver, CO in September!