eLearning Available Scholarships 

Fall 2018

October 2018 Training

**eLearning Foreclosure Prevention I- October 1st-21st, 2018- Apply Here

November 2018 Trainings

eLearning HCC: Housing Affordability-November 5th-11th, 2018- Apply Here

**eLearning Foreclosure Prevention II-November 5th-25th, 2018- Apply Here

**eLearning Financial Capabilities I-November 5th-25th, 2018- Apply Here

December 2018 Trainings

eLearning HUD Housing Counseling Prep-December 3rd-23rd, 2018- Apply Here

eLearning Pre-Purchase I-December 3rd-23rd, 2018- Apply Here

**eLearning Financial Capability II: Introduction to Financial Coaching and Client Advocacy-December 3rd-23rd, 2018- Apply Here

eLearning HCC: Avoidance of Foreclosure and Eviction-December 3rd-9th, 2018- Apply Here


**Bonus Scholarships for all Illinois Counselors.

We also have Webinar and Place-Based Training Scholarships Available!!